Brian Cronin


Entrepreneur. Publisher. Self-starter. Music enthusiast.
No words describe Brian Cronin better. A former New Jersey-native, Cronin is a dedicated business mind, working unremittingly to develop and expand various projects that support local and regional artists, as well as professional businesses while connecting industry professionals through different networking events.

In the past 8 years he has owned Mirror Image Media, the best source for creative and corporate material distribution as a one-stop source of media reproduction specializing in disc duplication, full design, printing, web development and promotional products. The Publisher of Philly’s top monthly music publication, Origivation since ’07 which was relaunched as THAT MAG in the Spring of 2012. He is the founder of the “InnerCircle”, a networking event for industry professionals in the Music, Media, Fashion and Film industries. In addition he is an artist manager, events promoter, member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy (The Grammy’s), Ambassador to the Ultimate Networking Event and Guys Night Out Club, hosts THAT RADIO show on Gas House and a good hearted family guy.

When it comes to knowing the right person at the right time regardless of the industry, Cronin is the man to know. There is nothing more fulfilling to him than seeing the achievements of others through his many networking endeavors.

Specialties: off-set/digital printing, disc duplication, graphic design, web development, apparel printing, promotion, local music, original music, networking, relationship marketing. Member of the Philadelphia Chapter of The Recording Academy, Publisher of THAT MAG! Turning Energy into income with Ignite.

Brian is also an Ambassador of Guys Night Out. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.